Jorge Vence

Jorge Vence is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer, Modern Energy Coach Trainer, Energy Dating Coach Trainer, Modern Energy Healer Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Southampton, Hampshire, England & Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Modern Energy Tapping in Coaching

GoE Trainer, Modern Energy Coach and Author Jorge Vence talks of how Modern Energy Tapping was the cataylst that took his coaching skills to a whole new level. To quote him " I can honestly say that the moment I learned Modern Energy Tapping was one of the best in my life, not only did I get so much value at a personal level but what it enabled me to do for others, that alone is PRICELESS". 

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Posted Mar 1, 2018

We Are The Guild of Energists! - Review 2017

Alex Kent, CEO of the Guild of Energists (GoE) reflects on how our not-for-profit modern energy organisation has grown and flourished in 2017. The GoE is now active in over seventy countries, serves over 1,800 members and has a complete range of courses on Modern Energy including Modern Energy Tapping, Healing, Stress Management, Coaching and Energy Dating.

Starting out in 1998 providing professional classic energy tapping training courses, the Guild now offers professionals and courses for people no matter where they currently are on the Modern Energy Chart - Therapy (phobias, fears, anxieties, PTSD), Healing (Hands-on-healing, Animals), Corporate Wellbeing (Modern Stress Management, Creativity), Coaching, Dating Coaching and Creativity.

Posted Dec 30, 2017

GoE2016 - P03 - Coaching the Coach! with Jorge Vence

Often as energists at first we are really excited about the work we do, yet after a while we hit a ceiling as we become somewhat “stagnant”, which is not uncommon.

In this magical and inspiring talk I will be taking you on a coaching session to “re-connect” you with your business and your original business.

It isn’t uncommon for us as energists to forget about ourselves and everything we do suffers as a result. Are you achieving the results you want in your business? Let’s create an energised vision for your business and get you on the right track!

Posted Dec 29, 2017

Energy in Action!

"Hello Everyone! My name is Jorge and I am energy and an energist.

"When I was asked to write an article about the very first ever GoE Energy Conference, the EMO (Energy In Motion) Master Practitioner course (with 25 participants!), The SuperMind course with Silvia Hartmann, and my overall experience in Eastbourne over those 6 days; I simply had an event!"

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Posted Mar 27, 2017

The Energist - Vol 2017.4.1 - The Best Year Ever!

Spring 2017 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Feb 1, 2017

GoE 2016 Energy Conference Recordings

Presentations recorded live at the the GoE Energy Conference 2016, Eastbourne UK.

Posted Dec 7, 2016

The Art & Science Of Being A Good Practitioner

There is no secret recipe to becoming a "good practitioner", energist or trainer, as Mind and Soul Awakener and Life Coach Jorge Vence explains in this insightful article.

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Posted Jul 12, 2016

The Energist - Vol 2016.3.1 - Energy EFT Foundation

Spring 2016 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Mar 19, 2016

How to Grow CONFIDENT!

Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional Jorge Vence shares with us the 10 simple steps to becoming a more confident and popular person in his new book, Growing Confident

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Posted Dec 8, 2015

Unlocking The Potential Within - Modern Stress Management Article

Learn how to life your life at +10 on the SUE Scale and unlock your maximum potential in this inspirational and insightful article from Modern Stress Management Professional Jorge Vence.  

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Posted Sep 25, 2015

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